Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Today,  I am very proud of my beautiful, little five year old. She is a true tender heart. That's for sure. She has always been a sensitive, loving and compassionate little girl. But as she grows and is in new situations I am able to witness more of her interactions with others and how she treats them.  She has already received a peace builder award this year for doing good and being kind to those around you.

Then, today when I picked her up from school she told me about a new little girl in her class. She said it was her first day there and she was crying a lot. So when they walked from their room to the library, Carly told me she held her new friend's hand all the way there. She said, "Mom, she still cried, but I think it made her feel better."

I just love that she cares so deeply for others who are struggling--and notices them. She is only five but she has a very large heart--and I'm in love with every inch of it!

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