Saturday, November 30, 2013


My friend Shelli, whom I met when I worked at BYU is on a similar journey in life. She and her husband adopted a son a short time after we blessed to adopt Carly. He is a handsome little boy named Jed. He started Kindergarten this year just like Carly did.

Jed has wanted a sibling for a long time now and his parents have been working, hoping and praying to have that blessing come about. My heart is so full and happy for them because today Jed got his wish! He had a little brother born today they are adopting! (I would bet a lot of things come about in life because of the faith of our children.) I am so excited for my friend and her family I can hardly stand it!

Sometimes when you have walked down a difficult road it is hard to see someone you love have to walk it, too. It is a huge blessing when you see them come to the end of that rocky road and hit the pavement! So my friend, may the ride from here be smooth and calm. OK, with two boys that may be too much to ask--but may your journey be filled with much joy and laughter! I love you my friend! God Bless!

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Shelli Sivert said...

Dear Nancy, your love and kindness have been supremely wonderful during this process! Your notes, comments and concerns show me not only how much you care but what an amazing friend you are. I am humbled! Likewise, I'm so grateful you have been blessed in similar ways. It is a glorious path--adoption. And as Bob once said to me in a blessing, "although this was not in your original plan, it was in His." True for you too. I love you, Nancy!