Tuesday, November 12, 2013


We've had a lot going on lately and I get to the end of the day and sometimes don't even realize til the next morning I didn't blog the night before. Both Rob and I (and Grandma and Grandpa I'm sure) are exhausted at the end of the day. Everyone's got their own things they are busy doing but as for me I am usually chasing my kids, having playdates, trying to keep my house in some semblance of order and in the last several weeks trying to keep things working or make them work!

For the last several weeks I've been having trouble with my van. It's been overheating. Each time I've had trouble with it I've had to take it in to have it worked on. The first time we took it to the local garage we normally take it to when something is wrong. Then they sent us to the dealership when it was something more serious. We have now been back to the dealership a total of three times. Now, it's at the "cross your fingers with me" and "knock on wood' hopefully last place we will have to take it before we have to shoot it! Oh my--it has been a real ordeal!

We finally decided after taking it to the dealership, one too many times, that maybe that wasn't the best option after all--even though they were recommended to us. So, we took it away from the dealer and found someone that can now fix it.

Thankfully, mom and dad have been here as a back up for transportation as I have little kids in school this year and we live too close for Carly to ride to school (Kindergarten) on the bus and too far for her to walk! Plus, I am part of the pre-school car-pool. So, it has been a stressful couple of weeks.

As if all that wasn't enough, then we had a refrigerator start to go out and had to get someone in to look at that. We built our home and moved in just over 8 years ago so even though I still think of it as kind of new apparently the appliances don't consider themselves new anymore--and feel they can have an occasional temper tantrum. Darn. And giving them a time out would only make the situation worse, I guess. Huh, maybe that's why it doesn't always work with the kids, either. Go figure. Lol!

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