Friday, November 22, 2013


Grandpa's still been having a few episodes here and there of becoming nauseous when he eats so Grandma called the doctor yesterday. The Dr. decided to have him go and do a gallbladder test before they do anything else. I believe he is going to do have that done on Monday. Hopefully it won't take long, even with the holiday, to get the report back. We will keep you posted though.

We had 70-80 mph winds here last night. It was really bad. There was a stretch of highway near us where they had semi's double parked for five miles in one of the far lanes of traffic with the cops waving other cars over. They had to pull all the semi's over to keep them off the road so the wind wouldn't topple them. Pretty darn scary when the wind is that strong.

The wind brought in some pretty cold air and tonight it is 36 degrees. The temperature has really dropped. I just want to stay inside in my jammies and veg this weekend. It sure would be nice if I can! I'm not going to count on it though!

Well, not much else happening. Better go for now! :)

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