Friday, November 29, 2013



You wonder about this day. You worry about it. You pray about it and prepare for it--but still you worry. Will you be ready? Will you say the right things. Will you have the right words and answers for your sweet little one when their tender hearted curiosity finally turns into actual questions? Will you be able to satisfy their minds and calm their hearts when they truly understand what the word you've been saying to them for the past few years means? You know the one you've been reading to them in all the pretty stories trying to help them understand--so it didn't come as a huge surprise later--the "adoption" word?

Well, that day you wonder and worry so much about ended up being tonight for us--at least with the oldest of our little ones. It was a tender and poignant discussion and even though she is not yet six--it was a weighty matter for her heart. I have felt for several years that it would be. She has a very tender spirit and feels things deeply. She is also very bright and perceptive. I believe Rob and I were able to explain things in a way that helped her see how many amazing blessings she has. And that she has these blessings because Our Father in Heaven loves her very much, and because her birthmom who also loves her deeply loved her enough to give her more than she could give her at that time.

We helped her understand that just because I couldn't carry her and give birth to her did not mean she was not meant to be ours. We believe very much that the Lord had a plan for us and she was meant to come to us. We told her how we prayed hard for the right child to come to our home--and that even though I didn't give birth to her she was born in our hearts long before she came to our home.We know she was meant to be our child.

She will have one blessing most children don't get--she will one day get to have two moms. We told her how much we love her birth mom and how grateful we are to her for bringing Carly into our world. I will be the mom who raises Carly but then, we will help her find her birth mom so she can have both of us in her life.

In the end, Carly will have the blessing of having two families and two mom's -- where most people only get one in life--and that's pretty darn amazing when you think about it! A blessed life for certain--just like she has blessed mine. :)

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