Sunday, November 3, 2013


It was kind of a strange Sunday. Only the kids felt good today. Rob was struggling with cold symptoms and I have had a bad headache most of the day. We didn't make it to church. I don't think either of us even made it outside today. We woke up to a skiff of snow but it soon melted. Although, there is supposed to be more coming tomorrow. The kids can't wait to have enough snow to play in. I'm O.K. either way, I guess.

One of our dogs has started having some aging problems. Sadie is only seven but she has started limping consistently like she has arthritis. I realize seven can be old for a larger dog. I just didn't expect it to happen this quickly. My last dog lived to be almost 15 and didn't begin having problems nearly this early. I started giving Sadie Co-Q 10 today and I am hoping it will help her. Our other dog, Tashie, is a year younger and still acts like she's a puppy. They are both lab mixes and are on the smaller side for labs (though, you really wouldn't call them small--just small for labs.)

Both are really sweet dogs and are so gentle with the kids. They let them climb all over them. They even let them pretty much ride them when they were younger- and didn't complain at all. Carly isn't as rough with them anymore but I still have to tell Jono to get off them once in awhile. He still tries to ride them or sit on them like they are horses and they just let him--so I have to be the protector. Poor puppies. Actually, they love the attention they just might love a little less of it from time to time.

Sadie with Carly (in their younger days) being used as a pillow

Julie with Jono riding Tashie
Well, if you are ever looking for a dog to have around kids, I highly recommend labs. They are so gentle and kind--and of course, ever, ever faithful!

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