Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I had such a frustrating day with the kids today. In fact, it's been two days in a row! Gah! Such temper tantrums--golly gee! I made hubby take me out for dinner and I was starting to talk to him about it when he cut me off and turned on the cd player in the car. I clammed up and was feeling for myself and he was cheerfully trying to get me to listen to the cd. It was Bill Cosby. I was too frustrated with him at first to listen much. After all, he didn't even let me get out my whole yukky story about my day and I had just said "Honey, I don't know what I am going to do with Jono and his little tempers!" Then he wants to play me a cd.

Turned out he had a method in his madness. It was Bill Cosby's cd on raising kids and it was pretty hilarious and it had to be 30 or 40 years old. It also sounded like he'd been in my house today. :D  My cute husband was trying to tell me my little ones were being normal and it would be okay. He was also trying to get me to lighten up a little bit and get me to laugh. He accomplished all of the above.

Some days you just don't know if you are doing all the right things or not--and you certainly don't always know what it normal until you talk to other parents to see if their kids are acting like your kids. I went out to the mailbox late the other night and happened to meet my neighbor coming home late and we both found out we'd had a rough day with our kids. We were able to reassure each other it must be something in the air and that they would calm down again. Sometimes, that's all we need is a little common ground with someone else and a little space and things are all better.

Bill Cosby said something about parents always having a stressed out or unhappy look on their face because of all the life their children suck out of them--that is until their children are grown with children of their own. Then when they are watching their grandchildren give their children the identical problems --they get this smirk that says it all. (It was much funnier the way he said it.)

But, I bring it up only because last week, when I went downstairs for a minute, between loud, long tantrums, my Dad called me into his bedroom. I went in and he said, with a knowing smile, "Nancy, I'm so happy you got the chance in life to "experience" having children."  I want you to know I didn't miss a beat. I said, "Dad, me too--and I am so grateful you are right here to be a part of it!" Lol!

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