Thursday, November 28, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you had a wonderful holiday! We certainly did -- though, I think we are all tuckered out. We may need a nap till Christmas now!

We had most of the family here. Susan came with her family for a bit and then went on to her husband's family's for dinner. Sarah and her crew came and stayed. We had most of mine here and we all had a great time and of course, ate way too much--but it was all yummy!

Grandpa got the results from his gallbladders tests and they came out negative. They didn't find any problems with his gallbladder or liver. His regular doctor wasn't in to give him the results so he will probably hear more next week on how they will proceed next to see what may be causing his upset tummy. I will let you know what we hear.

Sarah took lots of photos--and of course, I don't have any of the ones she took. I only took a few so I will post those. Have a great weekend!

Grandpa with Sarah

Grandma with Sarah
Julie with Jono

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