Friday, November 8, 2013


I'm officially a day late now--as it's after midnight and their actual anniversary is on the 7th but I still want to post something in their honor. Can you believe my parents have been married for 55 years?  Me neither. I wonder why they waited so long to have kids. Weird that my sisters and I are all in our late twenties and early thirties--don't ya think?! Lol! Oh YAH, don't believe me?! Well, that's our story and we're sticking to it!! Hahaha!

Here's our other story, only this one is true! We have the best parents ever. They really were (and are) good to us, fair with us (except that I'm the favorite) but then, that's fair--right--cuz if you are the favorite--they should just say so? LOL! Not only that, they should put it in writing--so you can show it off to your siblings. Hahaha! But I digress.

Anyway,  I know all three of us are very proud of our parents. They are such good people and always have been. They taught us right from wrong and have always pushed us to be the best we could be. They are good to us and to each other, and are kind and good to those around them. They taught us to be respectful and always modeled the things they taught us.

We love our parents so much and are so grateful to have them in our lives. They are such wonderful examples, not only to us, but to our children as well. We love you so much Mom and Dad! Thanks for everything!

Wedding Day
November 7, 1958

Columbus, Indiana
Mid 1960's

Easter Sunday
Grandpa and Grandma's house
Mid 1960's

John and Carolyn
November 2009

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