Thursday, October 31, 2013


We had a fairly nice day today. Carly went to school in the morning instead of afternoon because it's end of term and they are out tomorrow so the teachers can do grades. They had a Halloween Costume Parade and party so she had fun. Then we went to big sis Megan's work and trick or treated through her building and really got a haul of candy! Later in the evening I took the kids through the neighborhood while Rob handed candy out at the door to scary creatures. Then we watched Monster University with Megan and the kids. We are both beat!

Last night we took the kids over for one last run through the amusement park. We only spent about an hour there but it was enough for the kids to feel like they'd been there. It was pretty cold but they do this Halloween gig called Frightmares where the whole place is decorated for Halloween and there are haunted houses (which none us wanted to go through.) Anyway, it was the last night it was open for the season so we wanted to go one last time.

Rob and I got out to vote today also. Mom and Dad are going tomorrow. It is early voting still and it ends tomorrow. The election is next Tuesday. We are electing a mayor and 2 city councilmen. It seems more important than ever to get out and vote these days.

I will leave you with a photo of the kids in costume. Carly was a princess and Jono was a dragon. This is a girl from Megan's work dressed up as Tinkerbelle posing with them.

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