Monday, October 14, 2013


We had a good weekend even if it wasn't a very productive one. I think we are all just plain worn out. Grandpa is recovering nicely. He only has one or two more home nurse visits left since he is doing so well. Thanks for all your prayers. We know those have helped a ton and we are so grateful for them.

We had a rainy Sunday here. That was just fine. We made it through our outdoor recital yesterday without any rain so we were fine with the moisture today--and we can always use the extra water here.  It is getting a bit chillier day by day. You can definitely tell it is fall now.

I taught Sunday School today. We were out of church last week due to our Church having it's semi-annual General Conference. They have a world-wide broadcast of our church leaders speaking to us twice a year so we can listen from our homes or attend in our meeting houses to watch on satellite. Anyway, the kids were happy to go back to their Sunday School classes today.

Well, not much else to tell. Hope you had a nice weekend. :)

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