Friday, October 4, 2013


This morning I got up early and took Carly to have her hair done before time for her afternoon Kindergarten class started. I decided to go ahead and try straightening her hair with a mild kiddie perm. I was going to wait until she was a little older but her hair has gotten so long it really has become difficult to come through without damaging it. I usually keep it in micro braids but even that damages it. So, anyway--we started a new adventure today and I have one very happy little girl.

Once her curly hair was straightened, it was even longer than it seemed. The biggest thing for her though is being able to brush her hair herself. She has never been able to do that before. She has never even owned her own brush--other than a set I had for her as a baby. Her favorite thing out of this whole day is being able to brush her own hair.

Below are a couple of photos of her after she was done at the stylist's. Isn't she gorgeous?!

This is her right after the stylist finished
Carly, tonight before bed, combing her hair with her new brush!

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