Wednesday, October 2, 2013


My Daddy that is. Yep, they let Grandpa out of the hospital. He was able to walk in the house by himself--well, with a little help from his walker but that was pretty exciting given he'd lost the use of his legs last week! He is doing pretty well. I went down to see if they were ready for supper and he was sitting at his desk doing paperwork--so I guess things are back to normal. Lol!

He still on some meds for infection and we are watching him closely but other than that, I think he is doing well. I think he probably will have a little too much help from a couple of children for the next few days. The kids have really missed him and Grandma. They couldn't do enough to help as they were coming in the house. They wanted to help unload the car and get the stairlift ready and help Grandpa walk. So, I will probably have to keep them extra busy so they don't have time to be quite so helpful! Hahaha!

Well, just wanted to update you on the happy news! Have a great day!

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