Monday, October 14, 2013


I found some great shots from a few years ago on an old back up drive. I'm just going to put a few on here tonight but I may share a few more here and there over the next little while. These ones were taken at or near the time my cousin Bill Klebusch died and much of the family got together. I think that was about eight plus years ago.

A couple of the pictures were taken a little bit longer ago. I don't know why I chose them so randomly. It was just fun to look back. Sometimes it is. I love all of these people so much. The world changes and people come and go in our lives--and that is never easy. Little ones also grow up. Caitlin, who is in the last photo is now a sophomore in college. It's so hard to believe! Time sure flies!

Well, enjoy your day--you will never get THIS day back again!

The Brackney kids with their Mom, Louise

Me with my closest cousin, Ned

My cousins Jonnan and Ned at our family waterfall

My mom and me

My niece Caitlin, my Dad and my Mom--about 10 -11 yrs ago


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