Wednesday, October 23, 2013


So, this week at Carly's school is Red Ribbon Week and they are teaching the kids to say "NO" to drugs and alcohol. Everyday they do something different. One day they wore their shirts backwards or inside out, another day they wear red, another day they have crazy hair. You get the idea.

Today I got Carly all ready for Crazy Hair Day. She was pretty excited but a little nervous and wanting to look crazy--but still cute. We went through several ideas and finally settled on one pigtail sticking straight up on her hair (aided by a wire in the pigtail) and the other pigtail made into a circle on her head. She was pretty happy with that.

I drove her to the drop off spot and she jumped out and looked around and said, "Mom, I don't see anyone else with crazy hair." I told her there were probably just some party poopers and not to worry about it, that she would be one of the cool ones. So, trusting her Mama, she ran off to join her friends.

I went on home and was cleaning off the dining room table about an hour later when I came across the flyer with instructions for Red Ribbon Week. I just about had a panic attack when I realized I'd sent my sweet little girl to class with crazy hair a day early! Holy Crap!!!! I wanted to go and save her but there was nothing I could do. I felt so awful and I was so worried about how she was going to do being the only one with crazy hair.

When I went to pick her up, I was just waiting for her reaction. I wasn't sure if she would be in tears or if I would get yelled at. I decided to just wait and see what she said before I apologized so I didn't make it a bigger deal. She didn't even mention it. I couldn't believe it. Finally after we'd been home for about ten minutes she just said, in kind of matter of fact tone, "Oh, Mom--Today wasn't Crazy Hair Day! It's tomorrow!"

I said. "Oh yah, Honey, I realized that after you left. I'm so sorry. Did anyone like your hair?" She said, "Yah, they did--but they kept touching it and I didn't like that! Tomorrow, I want you to put both pigtails straight up!" End of conversation.

I think I got off pretty easy. Funny thing. I just saw one of my friends on Facebook (in a different city) post a picture of her daughter, a bit older than Carly, but she painted her daughter's hair blue for Crazy Hair Day and took her to school only to find out it was the wrong day, too! Luckily for them they realized it on the way in to school and were able to take her home and wash her hair. She was just a bit late! Oh well, I guess some of us Mama's just have a crazy hair now and then! Lol!

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