Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Ever have one of those days when even your skin is exhausted? Well, today was one of those days. I think I overdid yesterday and my body did not appreciate it. Yesterday I got back on my treadmill and into my exercise routine after quite a long vacation. I intended to make it a habit but my body was having none of it today. I am not giving up though--just listening to my body for today.

Seriously, after I got Carly to school and did my round of car pool I felt like I just sat and stared at the walls. Maybe that's because I did. I looked around the house at even the small things I could do and they wore me out. Gah!

It's OK though. Things are going to get better. I just need to eat better, get more rest and get more vitamins in my system. Working on it!

Rob came home a very happy camper today! He got to turn in his old vehicle and get his new one. When I say "old" that's a relative term. It was less than 3 years old but they change them out according to mileage and he drives quite a bit in his job.

I spent this evening going through old photographs looking for pictures of my Grandfather on my Mom's side as a baby or young man. I'd forgotten I had so many pictures. Still, I didn't come up with any of him that young. I have him as a young Navy Officer and maybe just a little before that--but nothing as a baby. He was born before 1900 so I guess it's possible his family didn't take any. My Grandma was born just after 1900 and we have some of her so it would be nice to find some of him also. But, thus far, no luck.

It's neat to go through old pictures and letters and see what was happening so long ago. It sure was a simpler time. It kind of makes me wish things were still simpler, you know . . . but with air conditioning and cars. :)

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