Friday, August 3, 2012


I noticed yesterday on a certain social network my sister Sarah was lamenting that she only had 15 days until her daughter Caitie leaves for college. I've been trying hard not to do a countdown myself but it's really difficult when I know our daughters are leaving only 3 days apart. (Thanks a lot, Sarah!) I don't want to constantly remind myself that in less than 3 weeks my oldest baby girl is no longer going be sleeping under the same roof for the first time since I've been sleeping under this roof. (Tears now streaming down cheeks.) And frankly Scarlett--I dunno what I'm gonna do without her. If Sarah lived closer I guess we could cry on each other's shoulder's and start hanging out together--but that isn't going to happen.

In reality, I'm as worried about Carly and Jono's reaction to not having her here as I am my own. They don't know life without her. In fact, Jono gets really upset if he gets up in the morning and she has already left for work and he hasn't had the chance to give her a hug. So--this could be a little traumatic for him. We may just have to figure out this whole Skype thing. I've never tried it but I know lots of people use it and love it. And it's not like she's leaving the country. She will only be a little over an hour away. She just won't be here everyday. Things definitely won't be the same around here without our little Picklehead. (You know, I'm not sure how she got that nickname--but she seems to like it so no harm, no foul. Lol!)

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