Monday, August 13, 2012


No doubt you saw all the hub-bub this past weekend when a certain Presidential candidate chose his running mate. Well, no sooner had he made that choice than those mean-spirited commercials portraying that Congressman (now VP candidate) wheeling Granny in wheelchair right off a cliff began to run again here. My little Jonathon was watching TV with Grandma when one of those commercials came on and he was really upset by it. He turned to Grandma, visibly shaken and said "Gamma, fall, her hurt. Gamma, I help you. I get Daddy!"

Mom came and told me about that and how concerned he was for the Grandma in the chair and worried that it might be her. She said he even realized that maybe he wouldn't be able to help on his own so he was going to get Dad to help. I thought that was pretty smart of him. Mostly, I think it's pretty cool how much he loves his Grandma (and Grandpa.) He is a handful at times but really he is a very sweet, kind-hearted boy. And Grandma and Grandpa have him wrapped around their little fingers . . . or is it the other way around. I never can remember. Lol!

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