Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Today was a monster long day. I took Julie down to BYU today so she could look for a job. It's a little over an hour from our home.She doesn't move there for a couple of weeks still but if you want a job as a student you have to get there early and look for one. We took the young-uns with us and wow, that was a trip! Lol! Carly was actually pretty good. Jono was a typical almost 3 year old boy! He was very busy, rambuncious, loud and fast. It's just a good thing there were two of us!

Julie did manage to get one interview and applied for two jobs. She felt really good about the interview and hopefully will get a call for an interview on the other job, too.

Rob is on-call this week and he has been slammed with calls today. It's almost 3:30 a.m. and I am up waiting for him. He is finally on his way home now. I am crazy to be up still but I was too wired from our day to sleep. The kids will get up early and I will pay. :(

The funny of the day is a short conversation Jono had with Grandma this morning. We told him we were going bye-bye and where we were going so he went down to tell Grandma we were leaving. When she asked him where we were going he said "Going to Bye Bye U, Grandma!" Well, pretty darn close. Lol!

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