Sunday, August 5, 2012


Started out doing errands today. We ran into a beautiful black woman and her daughter at Sams who had lovely braids in their hair. I always ask who did their hair. It turned out the mother had done them and offered to do Carly's hair. I was thrilled. She had time today so we rushed our shopping trips and got together with her and she did a beautiful job on her. She is really quick but it took  a lot longer than planned because we had to take out Carly's old braids and they had been in for a while and were really tiny. It took a long time to take those out. At any rate, she looks adorable--and of course, I have not yet taken a photo--so, tomorrow!

Julie had a date tonight with a new young man named James. He seemed really nice and was very respectful to us and to her. They went out with another couple and played croquet and had a picnic. It was cute. But since she's leaving soon I'm hoping it is a one and done. She needs to do some dating at school while she is there. None of this long distance stuff. (Like I really have a say--you know. Lol!) Well nighty night!

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