Sunday, August 5, 2012


It's been a long day and my head hurts so this will be short. It's been a pretty good day though. I taught today and honestly, for the first time, I felt pretty good about my lesson. What was different. I prayed alot, stopped looking at my notes and relied on the Lord. Seriously. I told him He had to teach and asked him to bring the spirit to the class. It was the best class I've had.

Tonight, I told the little ones they could go for a bike ride. They were so excited. We got out on the sidewalk and headed to a friend's house. We weren't more than a block when Carly looked up and saw lightening a good ways off. She said it out loud and that was it for Jono. He climbed up me and wouldn't let go. So there I was with one toddler bike with training wheels with no toddler on it. One toddler bike with a toddler riding it and a new thirty pound growth on my left side with two blocks to go and a storm coming. "Let's go home." I say. "NO!" Says, the four year old. I keep trying to shake loose this new attachment on my left side but it won't budge. I'm now dragging the bike--because it's hard to lean over that far with a weight attached. I can't ride it--I'll break it. My four year old was promised a ride and she's GOING to get it. My two (almost three) year old is terrified and holding my left side hostage. GAH!

Finally, we make it to our friends house just as little raindrops start coming down. We knock on the door and her husband answers it and looks at us really puzzled. As I start to ask for his wife and daughter, he asks me where his wife and daughter are. Apparently, we left our houses at the same time thinking we would meet on the way but took different streets. Jonathon is nearly beside himself and tried to force his way inside for shelter. I pull him out and tell him we will call Dad. I call Rob and ask if my friend has gotten there. He says "No." Now I'm really confused but I just ask him to get in the van and come get us. He calls back ten seconds later and says she arrived as soon as he hung up. In the end, we all found each other--but my arm is sore and I've decided I'm not going on a bike ride again until I've checked the weather report!

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