Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Jono has been really cute the last couple of days. He has wanted to say the prayer at meals and at bedtime by himself. His words are getting pretty clear but not always understandable so sometimes we are not quite certain what he's asking for or for that matter when he is winding down to a close. Although, I figure as long as it's coming from a child the Lord is okay with whatever it being asked for because it's coming from an innocent and trusting heart.

It was really funny the other night, though. It was Carly's turn to say prayer as they were going to bed. So, she started and I was helping her. About halfway through, Jono started repeating the same things she was saying at the same times. That did not make Carly happy at all. (We are LEARNING to SHARE. Not quite there yet and it was NOT his turn!) She opened her eyes and glared at him. He looked up and smirked at her. Hmmm. This is not how prayer is supposed to go--thinks the Mom! I asked Jono to stop, told him it was Carly's turn and we started again. Sure enough, there's that mimic saying the prayer with her. I just let it go this time and shortened the prayer. It made me smile, Jono smirk, Carly frustrated ~ and I have to think it gave Heavenly Father a little chuckle to see and hear his little ones trying to communicate with him in this way. :)

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