Monday, November 7, 2011


All of us stayed home from church today. No one felt good. We've been sickee's all day long. However, that didn't keep Rob's work from calling him out a couple of times for emergencies. He actually wasn't on-call this weekend but was filling in today for one of his co-worker's who had a new baby and was having him blessed. I felt really bad for him because he felt a lot worse than I did and ended up working about 6 hours. Poor guy. We found out this morning that his aunt died a couple of hours after we left last night. We are grateful we were able to be with her and her family before she passed away. So, we will have a viewing and funeral later this week. I don't think Mom or Dad felt very well today, either. We didn't see much of them upstairs either. Although, Mom did come up to help me make some chicken and dumplings for dinner. Those tasted really good to a bunch of sickees. Well, not much else went on today--so I won't keep you. :)

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