Sunday, November 13, 2011


I taught Sunday School today. It ended up being kind of a hairy Sunday because Rob was going to stay home with Jono so I could teach today but then he got called in to work. So, I ended up having to have Julie stay home with the kids (Carly is still sick, too) so I could run over and teach while Rob worked. I felt bad that she had to miss Church too. Carly wanted to go really bad today, too. I just couldn't justify sending her when her cough is still so bad. If people would keep their kids home when they are sick like that I could probably let Jono go to church, but they don't so the nursery is a dangerous, germ-filled place for my little boy. I refuse to add more dangerous germs to it even if it makes my 3 year old mad at me! I made homemade bread today while Julie made some homemade vegetable beef soup. We had a really great dinner. Very tasty! Then Carly and I made chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Megan came by to visit and stayed for dinner tonight. The little ones were glad to see her. Grandma and Grandpa even came upstairs for dinner and part of the evening. It was quite the treat! Actually, Grandma is up here all the time, but Grandpa only comes up a few times a week these days. So, we are happy to see him any time he graces up with his presence! Lol! Well, time to get in bed and get some rest for tomorrow. Hope you are doing the same. If you are smart, you've got a pretty good headstart on me. Lol!

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