Thursday, November 17, 2011


It's been an interesting day. Well, sort of. Rob was up all night vomiting which meant neither of us got much sleep. We are pretty sure it was something he ate. He was doing better this morning but it made for a pretty tiring day for both of us. I did some birthday and Christmas shopping today. Julie turns 18 in a couple of weeks. Still can't believe it! Rob helped his brother Steve lay some concrete this evening and they ended up with a little too much at the end. They had to use it all before they returned the machine so Steve is now the proud owner of three wheel barrel mold shaped chunks of concrete. I hear they look lovely in his back yard. Lol! Funny thing is it wouldn't have happened he had asked Rob to figure out how much concrete he needed for his project. Instead he asked one of his friend's what he thought and the guy over figured it. Steve teases Rob mercilessly on his mathmatical exactness whenever he does a project. Then when he needs exactness he doesn't think to ask him! Oh well. Maybe his wheelbarrow shaped concrete chunks will become fashionable in the future. One never knows. Anyone in the market? Anyone? Anyone? :)

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