Sunday, November 20, 2011


Rob and I went to Church alone today. All of the kids were still sickly so we left them at home. They have this hacking cough we don't want them to share with anyone. Julie is the latest one to get it. They all keep ping-ponging it back and forth. So far I have been really blessed not to catch it. I had a few days when I didn't feel really well and thought I was coming down with a cold but it never fully blossomed. I am so grateful. I HATE having a cold. Carly helped me make dinner tonight. We made a lovely chicken divan recipe that Grandma found on the Internet. It was really yummy. Carly was so proud of herself for helping. And she really was good about it. She followed my instructions and didn't make any messes. We made cookies for dessert and that is another story. I finally had to have Grandma get her attention onto something else so I could finish them or there would have been a big mess. With cookies she wants to get her hands into everything. And then, Jonathon wants to help too and then it becomes a free for all. Gah! It was funny though. I asked her what kind of cookies she wanted to make and she told me "the gold ones with the golden chocolate chips." It took me a minute but I realized she was talking about Oatmeal Scotchies. I thought that was a pretty clever way to describe them when she didn't know what they were called. Rob only has to work Monday and Friday this week because of the holiday. It will be nice to have him home for a few days. I actually remembered to take my Turkey out today and put it in the refrigerator to start thawing. I usually don't remember until the day before and that's never enough time. Yay for me! (So, this is your reminder, too!) Well, not much else to tell. Hope you had a great weekend. Take care.

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