Thursday, November 10, 2011


We went to Rob's Aunt's funeral today. It was such a nice tribute to her. She was a darling woman and so good-hearted. Not only did her family love her but her extended family and she had so many friends. It was amazing to see how many lives she touched. My friend Robin let the kids come over to her house this morning for a playdate and then Grandma and Grandpa watched them in the afternoon until we got home. At their age and stage I hate to leave them with any one person for too long. They are both in their terribles--and can be a little B-U-S-Y. That's a nice way of saying they can be a little too much for anyone! They were napping when we got home but were happy to see us when they woke up. Rob went and played volleyball tonight with a bunch of friends at the church. He really enjoyed himself and found out he can still play as well or better than the young kids! That made him happy! Julie felt pretty good about her Sterling Scholar interview but won't know the outcome until next week sometime. She said she did okay but doesn't know how she stacked up to the other four who were interviewed. I guess time will tell. In the meantime, we will say a few prayers and cross our fingers. Well, that's all the news for today folks. Take care.

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