Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Wow, the last couple of days I have put my body through the ringer. I had a colonoscopy today--just a follow up one as suggested to one I had a few years ago. The prep was a nightmare, though. With my last one, they gave me the pills. Did you ever get the pills? They were WONDERFUL!! Swallow a few pills, drink a ton of liquid of your choice, go a lot and show up at the doc's place. Yah, well--apparently they had to get rid of the pills because SOME PEOPLE didn't follow the directions! Geez people! What happened was people were taking the pills and not drinking enough and then suffering kidney damage. Now the pills can no longer be prescribed. So, because of those people I HAD TO DRINK THE CRUD! Said crud did not go over well with my tummy. I didn't even keep half of it down. So, unfortunately for me--I was losing it at both ends. I know, I know T.M.I. Seriously though, I threw up 13 times yesterday trying to get the crud down me. I apparently don't tolerate it well. So, just to recap-- you stop eating for almost two full days, then force a bunch of icky liquid crud down you to force a bunch of icky, not so liquid, crud out of you. Then they put you out-- and and well, you know the rest. Yah, your body feels pretty much rung out at the end. I feel a bit like a rag doll right now. Thing is, I saved all of my health stuff till the end of the year and then decided to cram it all into one week-- so on Thursday I get to have an EGD. That's a check of my throat and stomach. I'm starting to have some of the same fun swallowing issues my Dad, my aunt and my sisters have. The idea of having my throat stretched--not a fun idea. Hoping there is another way to resolve the issue that is not problematic. Boy, Oh Boy, getting older is for the birds! Fly away health issues, fly away! Lol!

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