Sunday, February 23, 2014


I taught my 14 year old's today. To be honest, I thought I would be less nervous teaching the youth. WRONG. It's just a different kind of pressure. It's still hard and you have to be on top of your game. I was so nervous this morning and trying to pull things together--after working on my lesson for many hours yesterday and this morning. Then, Rob got called out (he's on call this weekend) and I was left to finish my lesson, get myself and the kids ready, feed them and get them to church on time. Well, it didn't happen. We missed the first meeting. Luckily, I wasn't teaching until the second meeting. Rob got home about 25 minutes before the second meeting started and we pulled it together and got there.

I think the lesson went kinda, sorta well. I've been taking some small treats and give them out in return for reverence and participation. That has been helping. My co-teacher will have the next two weeks as I have taught two in a row. Now, it's her turn to do the same.

I did have a very nice thing happen after I left class. A man who had been in my adult Sunday School Class and who didn't know I am not teaching in there anymore stopped me in the hall to tell me I am his very favorite Gospel Doctrine teacher. That is a one and only moment. Never happened before, will never happen again. :) I told him he made my whole day! It really did make me feel good. Everyone needs a payday like that once in awhile, especially when you are having a hard day!

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