Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I can't believe Wednesday is over already! I am so far behind the 8 ball! I've been running all week and am SO not caught up! I am trying to clean the house which is not an easy thing to do when I have two power wrecking balls under my feet at all times! I want to get it clean before the week is over since I'm having a birthday party for Carly here on Saturday with a whole bunch of little kids.

I am also supposed to take treats to her school on Friday. Although, Carly let me know today the teacher thinks I'm coming with them tomorrow. Great! I am going in to help the teacher do grades tomorrow but I am not doing Carly's birthday stuff till Friday--no matter how confused the teacher is! Gah!

Rob and I have been off our Whole30 for a whole day now and are doing pretty good. We've added a few normal foods back in but still ate pretty paleo for the most part today.

Well, better get some sleep for my busy day tomorrw. Still have a cake to order, presents to get and treat bags to make among other things! Night all!

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