Saturday, February 15, 2014


We had a really fun day with Carly today! Her older sister Julie came up last night (Friday) and babysat while Rob and I had a Valentine date so she was here to help wish her a Happy Birthday today and help with her party. We all got up early and prepared for an onslaught of five and six year olds! About 11:30 they started to arrive and before we knew it we had nine or ten kids running around the house making all sorts of wild noises and laughter!

It turned out that Daddy (Rob, not Grandpa) was the surprise favorite of the party. He started out by coming out with his Frankenstein mask on and getting lots of screams (and then they begged for more) and then got down on the floor and played magic card games, balloon stomps and all kinds of games that got huge giggles from all of them! He is so great with kids is really warms my heart. They all just loved him and had so much fun! They all got to make their own pizzas and then we stuffed them with cake, ice cream and even more sugar, wound them up and sent them back home! I'm sure their mommas are thrilled with us! Hahaha!

Sister Megan came over and was a big help as well, and sister Sara called Carly from Oregon this evening. She is one loved and spoiled little girl. Jono was happy to tag along all day and photo bomb a bunch of the pictures. He's really good at that.

I'm hoping by Sunday afternoon Grandma and Grandpa will have recovered from all the noise. Here are a few fun pictures. Enjoy!

My little 6 year old

The whole gang

Let us eat cake! Yum!

Carly with the photo bomber
(He was no where in sight when I started taking the picture!)

Carly, you are the sweetest little girl ever and we love you so much! Happy, Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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