Wednesday, May 9, 2012


You know, we are quite a ways from home these days--at least the home we grew up in--our Hoosier Home. We watched the news last evening, waiting, almost with baited breath to see what the voters in our home state would do with our well seasoned Senator. And, you let him go. You fired him. Wow!

If he was your guy, I will be as gentle as I can be. You see I actually worked to get good ol' Dick Lugar in office once upon a time. I was in high school when he first ran for office and he was new and full of ideas, energetic and eager to serve the people. Maybe it's just my viewpoint (but then again~this is my blog so I get to have my viewpoint~) but I think he lost that sense of what he was about some time ago. I think that happens to the best of them. I think Washington D.C. does something to people after they've been there for awhile.

I'm sure that wasn't easy Indiana, because there were days when Dick Lugar was good to you--but I'm proud of you for stepping up and saying "NO!" to him when he was no longer that guy. I think term limits are important~and if not are not going to be allowed to impose them ourselves then our candidates should self-impose them.

We have a senator here in Utah that almost in every way is Lugar's twin and it is way past time for him to come home from D.C. as well. They have left their conservative base behind and have become more and more liberal. They don't seem to care anymore what their constituents want them to do but instead believe they know what is best for us. Well, that is when I say it's time for them to come home.

I think I told you before that Julie and I had been working on a Senate campaign here. I have managed to get Rob on board now. We spent Monday night helping put together signs at a volunteer party. It was great fun and we got to listen to the candidate speak at the end. His name is Dan Liljenquist (Lil-yen-qwist) and he is a remarkable guy. He has promised to limit himself to three terms. He was a Utah State Representative until he resigned to make this run. In Utah, he took on medicare and pension reform and did phenomenal things with them. He is very, very bright and able and we are so hopeful that he can get elected!

Well, I'm sure that's more than you wanted to know--but less than I wanted to tell you! Here's a photo of Rob and I with Dan! If you're here in the state and have a chance, go listen to him speak--and then~~ VOTE for HIM! :)

                                             Dan Liljenquist, Nancy and Rob Dyer

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