Friday, May 11, 2012


I just started to write my blog and noticed my post from last night didn't publish! I worked on it for a long time, too. I just put it up so it's here also--the pics of Jono and Ellie. Pretty cute!

Wow, today was a miserable one--mostly for my sweet little Carly. She woke up early, about 7:15 and seemed fine, but by 9:30 she was vomiting about every 20 minutes. By noon, she had it coming from both ends. I couldn't keep anything down her all day long. Every time she thought she was a little better and wanted a drink or even ice chips it would throw her back into full-blown vomit mode. I don't think little kids should have to throw up and I think dry heaves for little ones should be off the table! No fair, no fair, no fair! It's so hard to watch them go through it and not be able to do a dad-gum thing about it!

And then there was Jonathon who was perfectly healthy and perfectly needy. Because Carly was sick and needed Mommy's undivided attention~so did he. Because Carly needed medicine, so did he. Because Carly was throwing up in a bucket, Jono felt he needed to take the bucket from her so he could spit in it. Because Carly wanted to sit right on my lap so did he. Can you spell  *C*O*M*P*E*T*I*O*N*?

And of course, all this was going on while Rob was at work, Grandma was out gardening, Julie was at school and Grandpa couldn't help--so I felt a little like the "wish bone" from the Thanksgiving Turkey all day long today! You know, I mean the time you got the small part of the "wish bone" and cried over not getting the biggest piece so your wish would come true. That was what my day was like today! Every time I turned around someone  was crying or whining over not getting enough of me!

There were moments when I could get Jono to be part of the solution--and he was happy for those few minutes. He ran and found Carly's blankie for her once and brought her something else, too. But most of the time he was on the take and causing Carly upset when she didn't need to feel any worse. He had several time-outs this morning but he never really "GOT IT." He wanted to be "whatever Carly was being."

I'm afraid he will get it for real tomorrow because he insisted on grabbing every spoon or medicine vial she put in her mouth and stuffing it into his the moment it came out of hers. So, he may legitimately get sick tomorrow and it won't be so much fun.

Finally, tonight around 8:30 Rob and I took Carly to an Insta-care. I had just kept thinking her vomiting would stop but it never did and I was now afraid she would get dehydrated. The doctor there was great with her. They gave her some miracle med she just dissolves on her tongue and she hasn't thrown up since. She has even kept a few sips of gatorade down--her first liquid to stay down today! Yay!

She fell asleep in my arms about an hour ago and we put her in bed. She hasn't done that for at least a couple of years. It was kind of sweet. I sure hope she is better in the morning and that we don't pass this bug around!

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