Thursday, May 24, 2012


So, today - Dad had his first appointment with the speech trainer/therapist. I'm not sure if I reported back on this or not but the one the other day was with someone who just came to register him in the program. Today the actual coach came. She was really great. She spent a good amount of time with him. I was upstairs with the kids and she was downstairs with him and mom. She'd been here probably a half an hour and I'd heard them talking and him doing a few vocal exercises, when all of the sudden I heard something I haven't heard for a few years now: My dad's booming voice! NO KIDDING! He was in his room and he yelled and it came all the way up the stairs!

Now for those of you who talk to him on the phone, you know, that's a PRETTY DARN BIG DEAL!!! I couldn't believe my ears! Pretty exciting, eh? And it was only the first visit! She is going to work with him four times a week!

Do you fully understand what this means? Do you? He's not going to talk to you anymore. He's going to YELL AT YOU! You are about to learn what it was like to be in trouble as a child at my house! Welcome to the family! Hahahaha!

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