Friday, May 11, 2012


My three year old has been acting up for the past couple of weeks. He pretty much only does it when his Dad isn't around. You know, the take advantage of Mommy syndrome, because she won't punish me as bad as Daddy will. He turned three at the end of August and I was so hoping that he would magically get over this on his birthday. It didn't happen, go figure.

One of my friends suggested to me that it might have something to do with his older sister moving out and going to college. That thought hadn't occurred to me until she said it but I think she might have something. Every day since Julie left, well actually since she started seriously packing, he's been acting like this. Since she left multiple times a day both he and Carly come to me and tell me how much they miss Julie, sometimes in tears. Once in awhile Jono will grab his backpack and go toward the front door and tell me he is going to work with Julie and that he will be back. He doesn't understand where she is--even though we've tried to explain it to him.

We are going to have to take a field trip soon to visit her so they can see their big sis and understand where she is and what she is doing. Maybe then he will calm down at home--or maybe not. Please tell me I don't have to wait until he turns four. GAH! Give me strength!

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