Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Grandpa is starting his new therapy tomorrow (Wednesday). This is the one to help his throat (swallowing) and voice. We have managed to arrange for them to come to the house. They do have to come do an assessment on him and make sure they feel he is a good candidate for the program first but we feel sure he will be able to do it. Cross your fingers and say your prayers with us! We are very hopeful.

We are still feeling quite shell shocked about Ned's death, especially with not being able to be there to grieve with family. It is just so hard to believe he is gone. Mom and I have been reading all the posts on his Facebook wall and on the Bittles and Hurt site and are so touched by the many friends who loved him. He would always text me and say, "Who loves you more than me?!" I am going miss him something awful.

Julie and I spent a little while after she got home from school finishing up her graduation announcements. Her graduation is a little more than a week away now. I can hardly believe it's that close. Seems like I've been whining about it coming for years--oh wait, that part is true. Lol! My little girl is all grown up! In fact, I will only have her here for a few more months. She will be leaving for college at the end of August. Unbelievable! Wow, I actually said it and I didn't even whine! I am SO PROUD of her! She has worked really hard and done really well. In fact, today she got a certificate that said she was in the top ten percent of Utah students in composite score for the ACT test! Yay Julie!

Well, that's about it for today. Please keep the Klebusch family in your prayers. I know this is so hard on Diane and the kids and on Lana, Anita and Jonnan. Thanks everyone.

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Awe, Mommy!!! I love you too!!!