Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Grandpa had a check-up today at his Parkinson's doctor's office. It was pretty quick and routine but they think he is doing well. I noticed the other day that his hands are shaking less and they noticed that today as well. It was nice to know I wasn't just wishing it so.

I had a nice thing happen with my two year old today. I went to get a haircut and didn't have anyone to watch him. Normally, I trade off with a neighbor friend of mine but she was busy and I really wanted to just get a quick cut. So, I decided to chance it and go ahead. Jono never behaves for me in public. It is just his "two-ness!" I had Daddy give him a "you better behave for Mommy" lecture before we left--and I gave him one, also. But, more importantly, I just asked him if I took him with me and brought a few books and toys for him if he would sit quietly and play -- and behave while Mommy got her hair cut. He told me he would. That surprised me. So, I re-phrased my question three different times to try to make sure he understood what I was asking him and each time he very pleasantly told me he would mind me and sit still. Okay, I thought. I will try this. I drove there with some trepidation. I carried him in and reminded him of his promise and he reminded me that he had agreed. So, we proceeded. My little guy absolutely surprised me. He sat there so quietly and played with his toys and books. He never got out of his chair--never even tried. The hairdresser even commented to me that she had a niece that age who would never behave so well. I couldn't believe this was my son. I just kept telling him he was being so good and I was so proud of him. And I AM! Wow--maybe my little guy is starting to turn a corner . . . I sure hope so. :)

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