Sunday, August 18, 2013


Yesterday we got a note from Sarah that her husband Rich had been in a car accident and had been taken by ambulance to the local E.R.  Some woman attempted a U-turn straight into him as he was driving 50 miles an hour down the freeway. Yah, go figure.Not sure how she didn't see him--but it was not a pretty outcome. He is way, way blessed it wasn't much worse than it is.

Thankfully, he is only bruised and sore and he does look much than his car. We are especially grateful for that as we know this could have ended up much, much worse. In other words, the car is a total loss, but the technology now exists to, well, as far as Rich goes--if necessary we can be rebuild him. Actually, he is doing really well now~just missing his "cougar'. You know "the car." Lol! That's what he called it anyway. But should he give us such  a scare again . . . I'm sure the little black box in the cougar has Rich's DNA profile and coordinates stored so we could either have him rebuilt ----- or if we wanted to have some fun with it I hear they are pretty good at cloning these days as well. :)

Rich's Cougar, dead in it's tracks

Of course, if they are so good at all these things, how come they can't prevent traffic accidents, forest fires, cities and states from declaring bankruptcy, airplanes from falling out of the sky, little old ladies from making U-turns into moving traffic . . . but I digress. Pleasant dreams sweet cougar. We shall miss thee. Thank you for leaving Richard behind to ride again. :D

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