Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Spent the day at the amusement park with some good friends supposedly amusing ourselves but I'm pretty sure we were just there for the kids. The kids did have a lot of fun and they got along great. I think I may have outgrown the excitement of going around and around and around and around and . . .  well you get the idea. I think they make pills for that kind of excitement at this age, don't they--compazine, phenagren? Lol--anything to keep the nausea at bay! Ha! Seriously though, I have learned to just close my eyes and hold on until it's over. I do love to hear them laugh and giggle. They are so cute when they are enjoying themselves.

Here are a couple shots of the kids together. Thanks for a fun day Char, Nat and Josh!

Carly and Kenzie

Jono, JoJo and Carly

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