Friday, August 2, 2013


Is anyone besides me walking around just a tad bit paranoid these days? I mean, when you're writing an email to a friend do you have that tiny little thought in the very back of your mind that wonders if you're really writing it to a bit broader audience? How about when you're talking on the phone--do any of you remember the days when there were party lines? My grandma used to have one and sometimes when my sisters or cousins were visiting her, some of us would pick up the phone and listen to neighbors conversations. They suspected we were there. They'd even make accusations and tell us to hang up--but they couldn't prove anything. It's not like they could see us, you know.  Heh, heh, heh! But I digress.

I think we are starting to get just the tip of the iceberg of information about the information that's being gathered on us everyday of our lives and I think it's a bit scary. I'm starting to not recognize our leaders, our government and my own country. At least that's how it feels.

When 9/11 happened I was one of those that felt the Patriot Act was necessary and didn't mind giving up some of my freedoms to give us more safety and security. I had no idea those who warned of this type of thing to come could have been correct. I thought they were fear mongers. Trust me, I don't want another incident like that to occur anywhere--let alone in our country. I don't want another one like we had in Boston either--but I think we have to draw the line when our leaders are taking more and more of our liberties and Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms from us.

They say they are not "listening" to our calls or "reading" our emails. I don't buy it. We just found out a few days ago they have asked Internet providers to provide them with our passwords. Though at this point, the ones we know about have refused, why would they need our passwords if they weren't reading our emails--or if they didn't intend to as they saw fit?

I feel we need to stand up and take back our country and our rights -- NOW before it's too late. I guess I'm just tired of feeling like I'm being watched, listened too and followed. If I wanted that kind of company--I'd hire a personal body guard. You know--they say you're only paranoid if it isn't true . . .  and I really don't tend to be paranoid.

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