Monday, August 5, 2013


I got up early this morning and drove to Julie's so I could go with her to a doctor's appointment. She hurt her knee about three months ago and kept thinking it was just a strain that would get better but it hasn't. So today we had it looked at. The doctor thinks she has a meniscus tear so for now she wants to treat it with physical therapy. We are hopeful that will take care of it. Megan had a very similar injury a few years ago and PT did work for that--so cross your fingers and toes with us that this works!

Also, while I was down there today, I stopped to see my dear friend, Venice. She made blankets for both of my babies when we got them. Well, Jono loved his so much--he "literally" loved it to pieces and we had to take it away from him. He's been really sad about it but we didn't really have a lot of choice since he had pretty much taken his blanket and turned it back into a ball of yarn. :P  So, my sweet friend made him another ( smaller version) blanket out of the same yarn.

I came home with it today and he was so excited he almost couldn't contain himself! It was so darn cute. He's so thrilled to have his "comfort" back. I have to say I am too as he's started to have some nightmares the last couple of months. He doesn't have them every night but when he has them they are doozies. He had one last night and it was all I could do to calm him down. When I gave him his new blanket, I told him this blanket was special and would keep away his nightmares away. Hopefully, my attempt at playing a psychologist will pan out! If not, I am in trouble! :) Check out my happy boy!

Jono with his new blanky (Baby II)

Jono with baby take II

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