Sunday, August 11, 2013


My wonderful, sweet nephew Ian, Sarah and Rich's son, earned his Eagle Scout Award and had his Court of Honor today.  

Ian receiving his Eagle Scout Award

Ian with His Scout Master

Rich, Ian, Sarah (Ian with his parents)
In the process of being awarded his Eagle he was given a special Mentor Pin to pin on the person who had most influenced and mentored him toward completing his Eagle Award.

He came forward to tell us about this person and I was waiting for him to talk about his Scoutmaster or his Mom (who had been a constant influence and blessing to him) or even his Dad--all would have been excellent choices. But he surprised us all--Ian came to the podium and started to talk about how grateful he was for his Grandpa Carson and what a difference he'd made in his life.
He spoke about how much all the talks his Grandpa has had with him have meant to him and how grateful he has been for the encouragement he has given him and especially for his Grandpa's belief in him that he could do anything. He said his Grandpa's encouragement was one of the biggest factors in him finishing his Eagle and then he went over and pinned the Mentor Pin on Grandpa. 

Grandma, Grandpa and Ian
I 'm
not sure who else
in the room was crying but I know there were some--cuz,
I heard
them.) I just know there wasn't a dry eye to be found among the whole Carson clan.

I'm so proud of this young man my sister and brother in law have raised. He is an honest, generous, caring, amazing, loving young man and I am so grateful to be his aunt.

I love you so much Ian and I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!

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