Wednesday, August 7, 2013


We spent the week in Elko while Rob was installing a new machine at a hospital last week only to have him have to go back yesterday to work on another machine. He ended up having to spend the night last night so we didn't get our daddy back home until this evening. The kids really missed him. They don't like it when he's away.

It's been a smidge cooler here than it was over the weekend. It was near 100 degrees when we got back but it is only in the mid to upper 90's now. It has been a really warm summer.

Yesterday, the kids went to a little daytime summer camp organized by one of our neighbors. She is just doing a two-day crafts and games camp with them and several other kids and they had a blast. They go again tomorrow afternoon for a couple of hours. After that I promised to meet a friend and her grand kids at the amusement park--so they are really getting spoiled tomorrow.

Grandma is still recovering pretty well. She is still pretty tired and she seems to tire out more easily than before but I think that is to be expected. Other than that I think she is doing great.

Well, that's all I know for now. Take care.

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