Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Spent most of the day chasing kids and shopping for last minute things I need for Thanksgiving Dinner. We got Julie home today. Rob went to get her and got home with her tonight. Just before they came home Megan's car broke down on the freeway so they stopped and helped her get it taken to a mechanic to be looked at. It wasn't a terribly interesting day but a busy one for sure.

The kids were so happy to see Julie when she walked in there was hollering, giggling and straight up laughter for about ten minutes. I wish I had recorded the whole thing. They out right jumped her! Lol! So cute. It is really nice to have her home for a few days. I love having her back under the same roof. Even though it's not gonna last long, it makes everything feel just plain old perfect for a few days. :)

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