Saturday, November 24, 2012


My first appearance at Black Friday was kinda sorta accidental and started late Thursday night when I "had" to make a Walmart run--at least I thought I did.
My impressions: Enough police cars were lined up across the front of the store had I realized it was Black Friday I would have thought a robbery had taken place and there were hostages inside. The parking lots of different stores throughout the night reminded me of the LA freeway during rush hour traffic. Lines to pay cashiers for bargain basement priced purchases looked like the pictures I used to see in LIFE Magazine of starving Russians lined up to buy bread from the cold war era. The craziness in the air and in the eyes of many of the customers was reminiscent of frenzied fans in the front row of a Beatles or Elvis concert--incidentally pictures I'd also seen in LIFE Magazine.
Honestly, the scenes of Black Friday were like a bad traffic accident you didn't want to look at but couldn't take your eyes off SO--my daughter Julie and I stayed for six hours. I may never recover but just this once, it was worth it! Yep, I hung out with my college age baby girl like I was a teenager again and we had a blast! Black Friday: SHEER MADNESS! Spending precious time with my Julie: ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!

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