Tuesday, March 11, 2014


The sweetest little girl (my Carly) whispered the sweetest little nothings in my ear this morning!

Carly came in the kitchen while I was fixing lunch and softly said, "Momma, Did you know I had to ask Heavenly Father if you could be my Mommy?"

Me: "I didn't know for sure, but  kind of wondered."

Carly: "Well, I did. And he told me he'd have to talk to you about it."

I glanced over at her quickly when she said this but she just continued telling the story.

"He went to talk to you and he told me when he asked you, you said yes really fast, like this, "YES!!!" That's why I'm here!"

My little ones say some very sweet things to me but I think this is one of my very favorites~probably because it's exactly what would have happened if I had been asked! I prayed my kids here and that's for sure! Love them so very much!

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Shelli Sivert said...

That's so very sweet, Nancy! Best quote I've heard in a long time!