Friday, March 21, 2014


Grandma got home safely tonight and we were all so happy to see her! She has only been gone since Tuesday morning but the kids thought it had been an eternity. They pretty much cried themselves to sleep every night because they missed her and drove me nuts every day, all day long asking when she was coming back. It's safe to say they love and adore their Grandma.

With all the news about this missing flight 370 I wasn't too crazy about having anyone I loved up in an airplane and I'm pretty sure Grandpa felt the same as me. It was sure good to get her feet on the ground here again. Lots of prayers were said before that happened! You can just call me the nervous Nellie type. :)

After we got Grandma home tonight Rob and I ran over to our neighborhood Caucus meeting and I somehow managed to get elected as a State Delegate. A little overwhelming but I am excited for a new challenge and to get involved in the process. I am so disappointed and saddened in the direction our country is heading. I feel our Constitution and our freedoms slipping away from us. I believe if we don't stand up and begin to do something about it ourselves on a local, community level we will truly lose what freedoms we have left.

I'm so proud of my daughter Julie who is away at college! She went to her caucus tonight and got elected to be a county delegate and I know she will do a fabulous job! I think that is so awesome! Congratulations Julie!

Well, we had a lot of excitement here today. After we got home from everything, Rob got called out to fix some machines. He is on-call this week. So, it is after 1:30 in the morning here and he is on his way home now. It's been a long day--but a good one. Hope your day was just as good! More later!

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