Tuesday, March 4, 2014


We finally made it to the Magic Kingdom today and we had some happy little faces to show for it! The weather was perfect, too. If anything, a little cooler than expected but certainly not too warm--and the lines were not too long for anything we wanted to ride or see. It was such a nice day. We are going to take in some sight-seeing tomorrow and see if we can find the ocean and some beach to hang out on for a bit so the kids can collect some sea-shells. Then we will take in another day of Disney. It's really been a good trip. Here are some pictures of our Disney adventure so far.

Getting lunch so we could enjoy our day

Waiting for my ride to Disney

Our friend Minnie

Mickey the gatekeeper!

Daddy and us with Mickey

Jono, Carly and Mommy

Watching the parade

Loving me some parade, Mom!

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