Friday, March 14, 2014


Rob was out overnight last night fixing broken blood analyzer machines but he made it safely back home tonight! Yay! I always breath a great sigh of relief when he walks back in the door. Too much crazy in the world these days!

Grandma is busily packing for her trip to visit her sister Kaye who lives in Illinois. She is flying and will leave next Tuesday and return on Friday. I guess Grandpa and I  (and the kids) will get some quality time together. Lol.

My mom and her sister Kaye are the last the surviving Flint siblings. Kaye and mom are the babies of the family. Unfortunately Kaye had a stroke earlier this year, but happily she is doing much better. Mom hasn't seen her since she got sick so she is excited to spend some time with her!

Sarah called earlier today and her son Ian has a cellulitis infection on his leg and has been running a temperature of 103-104. She got him right in to the doctor's office and they gave him some large doses of antibiotics and are watching him closely. They have no idea how he got the infection and are pretty worried about him. Please keep him in your prayers for us.

Well, that's all I know for now. Hope you are all well. Love ya, Nancy

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