Saturday, March 15, 2014


My Dad used to drive Susan and I nuts when we had The Flower Shop and we would be making an arrangement of some kind. He would come in and stand behind us and critique what we were making and then tell us where we needed to add flowers or greenery. We would sometimes get a little frustrated because, afterall, we were the designers and we knew what we were doing. We'd usually let him know that, too. But then he'd tell us he was looking at it "with the customer's eye" and he really thought it needed this or that, here or there. Lol. He almost always got his way because, you know, he was our Dad, not to mention, the owner. Haha!

Anyway, that was one of the things he did on a regular basis that bugged us and sometimes (we are pretty sure) he would do it just to bug us. Naw, would he do that, would he?! You bet he would! Well, it's been years and years since we sold that shop--and I hadn't thought about him doing that for just about that long. It really was kind of funny and he sure could get us going. Though we really didn't need the help!

So, the other day I was re-doing one of my mom's silk flower arrangements that was attached to the wall in her bedroom and she and Dad were laying on the bed talking to me while I did it. All the sudden I hear my Dad say, "Nancy, I think you need one more flower--there's a spot on this side that needs something." Now, I turn and look at him and laugh--and say "Good one, Dad!" because I am certain he is teasing me about when he used to do that in the old days! He looks at me with kind of a blank stare for a second and then lets me know he's serious--he thinks it needs another flower! Holy Cow! Really Dad--it can't be the "customer excuse!" We're not selling it to anyone! Hahaha!

Seriously though, I humored him and put in another two or three flowers. I filled the whole thing up! I should probably say that he was usually right. (O.K. I just said that to make him feel good. And I will deny it if you tell anyone. Lol!)

In the end, I learned one thing, though--some things and some people never change! Ha!

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